Sunday, August 2, 2009

This past week has been a full one...but not as full as next week will be! We're about to start our week of Zone Conferences. We're so excited to see all of our missionaries during the week.

Last Saturday, we decided to visit some of our favorite places in the Cotswolds on our way to a baptism in Cheltenham. We went to Chipping Campden (whenever there is Chipping in front of the name of a town, it signifies that it was once a market town)...Upper and Lower Slaughter...Stratford upon Avon. It was much more crowded than when we were here ten years was Fall then, rather than Summer...but still a very enjoyable day.

The two pictures above are of Chipping Campden....President Ogden is standing in the market stall.

This is a picture of the stream in beautiful Lower Slaughter....(or was it Upper Slaughter???)

This is the home and garden of Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway, in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The baptism that night was wonderful, as all of them are. The sister that Elder Ott and Elder Heller baptized was SO excited...especially because her teenaged daughter was being baptized with her. It was a great occasion.

On Monday, President Ogden, the Assistants (Elders Brower and McOmber), and the 16 Zone Leaders met in Zone Council Meeting. They all came to the Mission Home for lunch. I had made machaca beef for them to assemble into burritos, salads, etc. When I looked at that cooked meat, I just knew it wasn't going to be anywhere near enough. But, somehow we came out just right...I now refer to it as "the miracle of the machaca". But believe me, I was sweating bullets as they piled it on their plates.

The picture above is of our two Assistants...Elder McOmber on the left, and Elder Brower on the right. Elder Dixon from Scottsdale, Az., is between them.

This Saturday, we took a P Day with the Senior Missionaries in our Mission. We began in Ledbury, a town where Brigham Young preached the Gospel. From there, we went to the Benbow Farm and Pond. (While there, we met a gentleman who shares a hobby with my dad.) We ended at the Gadfield Elm should all google this important site in Church History. It rained almost the entire day, but we didn't let it stop us. Especially Elder Green...our tour guide for the day...who barbequed hamburgers and cooked potatoes in a dutch oven for all of us. It was YUMMY! (My hubby later admitted to me that he had 3 helpings of the potatoes.)

The Cables on the streets of Ledbury.

A motorcycle enthusiast who rents a small shop on Benbow Farm.

Gadfield Elm Chapel

As is our privilege every Saturday night, we chose a Baptism in one of our areas to attend. This night, we went to Rugby in our Coventry Zone.

Happy Elders...Sinclair and Israelson...happy mom and daughter!

Just another week in the life of President and Sister Ogden. Love to you all!!!


Todd said...

Awesome. I'm gonna go book tickets right now.

Cameron Family said...

Great post! It's kinda weird to see dad in street clothes! Such a beautiful place, I can't believe some of those pictures.

I'm with Todd. How soon can we come???

brianne said...

it IS weird to see dad in street clothes. it seems like a great a lot of work. i can't wait to get out there. i will cook dinner for you and dad once a week, if you don't make me get up early, deal?

John and Jacy said...

I interpret Brianne's "deal" to mean that if you let her sleep in, she'll let you guys cook for her the other six nights.


Megan said...

I love that you are taking P-Days!! Or at least some time away to get to really know your new town! The sites are beautiful. Such great history. And how great to know that every saturday you will get to witness a baptism, so special. ANd I love the miracle of the machaca! Blessings!!

Keep posting, we love it!!

brianne said...

Hahaha, that is exactly right, John!

Annette said...

Elder Israelsen mentioned in his last e-mail how happy he and Elder Sinclair were to have President and Sister Ogden at Carols baptism. He does look like a very happy Elder in the picture you posted. Thanks for posting it! He always sounds so upbeat and happy in his is always good to see a picture as proof.
Again, Thank you sooooo much for all that the two of you do for our Sons and Daughters!! May the Birmingham mission continue to prosper!
(Your post caused me to reminesce some of the Beauties of England! My husband and I spent a couple of weeks in the Birmingham area 17 years ago. We were so thrilled when Elder Israelsen was called to serve there)

Stephen500 said...

That my son Elder Sinclair at the baptism, he looks very happy.
He has now moved to west Wales.
Thanks for putting the pictures up.
Bro Sinclair,
Chester ward, England.

Anonymous said...

Judy- tried contacting you on Face Book. Now I see you are probably too busy to check it:) Love all the pics and notes you post. It's really strange to feel so "out of touch" without Lil's updates on your family!! I know God is using you in such special ways and blessing many folks with your presence there. You will continue to be in our prayers. Lots of love...Cheri