Thursday, April 14, 2011


 What a wonderful, terrible, joyful, busy, and miraculous transfer.

It all started February 22nd when we had a departing dinner for Sister Layton and Sister Strein.  It was a bittersweet evening, because we also had to say goodbye to Elder Lowry.  His asthma had gotten progressively worse and we couldn't keep him here anymore without jeopardizing his health.  These are three very wonderful missionaries...we'll miss them so much!

After the dinner that evening, at about 10 o'clock, we got a call from Elder Von Brugan's companion   Elder Von Brughan had taken a bad fall from his bike and had hit his head.  He was being taken by ambulance to a hospital.  We hurried out there.  When we arrived, he was sedated and intubated.  They thought they might have to do surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain.  Fortunately, that didn't become necessary.  At the transfer meeting the next morning, President Ogden asked all of the missionaries to join us in fasting and prayer for this Elder.  We also learned that the Brethren in SLC were praying for him in the Temple.  After a few days, he was on the road to recovery, and we were able to keep him here...truly a miracle.

Megan, Chris and their girls were here at that they witnessed all of the drama.  But we still had a wonderful time being with them again.  We went to a farm, the Cotswolds, the church historical sites, Cardiff, the Museum of Welsh Life...all of the usual places we take our kids.  We really enjoyed spending time with each of them, and seeing how much Emma and Taylor had grown.
(Taylor likes to do exactly the same thing that Emma does!)

A few days after the Adcock's left, our house was burglarized.  We came down in the morning and first noticed that our laptop was gone.  As we looked around the house, we noticed that my purse and Chuck's briefcase and scriptures were gone.  Then we looked out the window.  The driveway was EMPTY...they had taken our car.  As they drove it out of the driveway, they had hit a big brick pillar.  I realized then  that I had heard the crash before I went to sleep...meaning I had been awake through the whole robbery.
Not a happy thought!  Chuck was more heartbroken about his scriptures (that he has been reading and marking for 15 years) than anything else.

A week later, Brett's family came to visit us.  Another wonderful time.  We got to see little Chelsea for the first time.  What a delightful baby girl!  We enjoyed being reunited with all of really didn't seem possible that it had been over a year and a half since we had seen them.  Thank heaven for SKYPE!

Two days after they left, we had transfers again.  As with the previous time, we had missionaries leaving but none coming.  We're looking forward to welcoming some 'greenies' next transfer.  Since none were coming this time, we had our departing missionaries stand on the 'Rameumptom' and tell where they've been serving, where they're going (in other words...where's home) and if they have a new companion waiting for them.  We heard everything from 'mom and dad' and 'Megan Fox', to the Holy Spirit.  A few were more honest and mentioned the name of a real girl!!!

Elder La Vita (South Africa), Elder Griffiths (Utah), Elder Williams (Utah), another Elder Williams (Utah), Elder Davies (England), Elder Christensen (Utah), Elder Broekman (Holland and Australia), Elder Sinclair (England), Sister Bioleome (Camaroon and Germany)
What a wonderful group!!!!


P.S.  To all of our former missionaries...WE LOVE YOU...keep in touch!!!