Saturday, May 14, 2011

An exciting month, with special visitors...Elder Patrick Kearon and his wife, Jennifer.  Elder Kearon presided at our Zone Conferences this quarter.  He and Sister Kearon gave powerful, inspiring messages to us and to our missionaries. 
I wasn't smart enough to have a picture taken with us and the Kearons, but here they are with two of our Sisters...Sister Clark and Sister Hedemark.  Sister Clark and Sister Kearon discovered that they are related.

This was taken at the Zone Conference down in Cardiff.  Elder and Sister Crandall will be leaving us in a few short weeks.  They have accomplished much in their 18 months here...we'll sure miss them. 
With them are missionaries who were serving in the district with them...Elders Taylor, Brokatsky, Durfee, Sister Nadsady, Sister Perera, Elder Siegel, and Elder Mansfield.

May Transfers

These Elders arrived the transfer before we did, so I say we 'adopted' them as newborns.  A few of this group had to leave last transfer due to expiring Visas.  The Sisters, of course, came 18 months ago.  They are:
Elder Smith from London, Elder Rapana from Australia, Elder Jensen from Utah, Elder Love from Utah, Sister Morgan from Blackwood, Wales, and Sister Nemec from Croatia (she was just baptized herself 3 years ago!)
It's been three transfers since we got any greenies...we're so excited to have this amazing group.

They are:  (L. to R. front row)  Mucke (Germany), Kunz (Idaho), Cloward (Utah), Sims (Utah), Dalton (Utah), Whitehead (Utah), Sister Baker (Washington, Russia, China...etc.), Sister Stucki (California), Sister Filichia (Arizona)

(L. to R. back row:)  Cole (Arizona), Wilkey (England), Callen (Idaho), Hutchings (Utah), Rogers (Texas), Johnson (Utah)

This is Elder Querubin (r.) with his trainer, Elder Dahl.  Elder Querubin came to us last week...he was held up because of his Visa.   We're so excited to finally get him here!

This is what we call a "Family Group" shot.  Elder Luu trained Elder Clark (far left) Elder Roberts (center) and Elder MacGill (far right) they are referred to as his sons.  Now Elder Clark is training Elder Kunz, so he will be Elder Luu's grandson.  We have sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles...and on and on.

This is Sister and Elder Skiles...our new office couple....standing on the Rameumptom.  They arrived the day before the mission tour, and the week before transfers.  I'm not sure they know what hit them, but I'm pretty positive they haven't had a chance to catch their breath.  We're excited to have them here!

Elder of our Elders from China.  He's a character!

 Behind him you see Elder Von Brughan...our Elder who made such a miraculous recovery from a bike accident.  He's a constant reminder to me of the power of the Priesthood, prayer and fasting.