Sunday, September 19, 2010


The 'dearly departed'...Elder Amuah ( England), Elder Gerber (Utah), Elder Beatson (Canada), Elder McNichol (Australia), Elder Stevenson (Scotland), Elder Ezard (England). 
We had a wonderful evening with them before they left...they each bore incredible testimonies in our closing fireside.  We are anxious to see what is in store for them as they begin a new adventure...

Sister Perera (Sri Lanka), Elder Gama (Swaziland), Elder Collins (South Carolina), Elder Tibbitts (Idaho--my 2nd cousin once removed?), Elder Jean (Hawaii), Elder Jacquish (North Carolina), Elder Grudzien (South Carolina), Elder Mansfiels (Utah).


We were also pleased to welcome Elder and Sister Henry from Utah.  They are working diligently to help strengthen  the wards here in our mission...


We've had a SUPER busy month.  Along with our usual schedule, we were also sent some new training from that supports Preach My Gospel, and is designed to help the missionaries teach with the Spirit, and teach people, not lessons!  It was well received, and gave some exciting ways to refine our teaching.  We've met with several groups of missionaries so far, and eventually will present the training to all of them.  Next May, the missionaries in the MTC will receive begin to receive this training, then when they arrive, we'll all be on the same page. 
This training also gave us a reason to have all of the sisters come in together.  They don't very often get a chance to be in one place and share ideas and well as friendship and testimonies.  It was wonderful to spend a few days with them.  Left to right:  Sister Strein, Layton, Pope, Kottambagahagedara, Babbage, Perera, McKelvie, Nadsady, Bioleome, Van Eeden, Clark, Morgan, and Nemec.  They come from the US and the UK...also from the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany,and our two sisters from Sri Lanka.