Tuesday, August 18, 2009


During the last two and a half weeks, we've had Zone Conferences and Interviews. Its been a very busy time. We have eight Zones...they are divided into three days of Zone Conferences. Through the day, they hear from President and Sister Ogden, are trained by the Assistants, and hear testimonies from the missionaries who will go home next transfer day. We also have beautiful musical numbers from our very talented Elders and Sisters, recognize birthdays, and give awards for the cleanest flats in each Zone. In the middle of the day, we have lunch...Subway sandwiches...a favorite in our mission.











Well...I'm blogged out for now. I'll have the next installment...Zone Interviews...in a few days!


John and Jacy said...

Such nice looking missionaries! Looks like your first zone conferences went well. Congratulations. Talk to you in a few days.

Ruelinda said...

Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into posting photos and info on your Blog! I am sooo grateful! (I am glad someone is taking pictures) It will be perfect for Elder Bearnson's homecoming DVD! It comes in handy for his Blog as well! It's rare he ever sends home a photo! Your are doing a beautiful job!
We do appreciate all you are doing! Love you!

brianne said...

Whoa, so many missionaries!! How do you keep track of all of them?!

J Harper said...

Love reading about your mission and love to look for a picture of our missionary Joe Larson from our ward.. Thanks for the time you take in keeping us up to date.. I know the missionaries love their new Pres. & You...

Judy said...

Bree...keeping track of them isn't as difficult as feeding them! After a recent trip to Costco, dad said, "It takes a lot of effort to feed these characters.!" (Can't you just hear him say that...)

Christine said...

Sister Ogden,
Thanks so much for posting! It's great to learn some of the logistics, like how many zones and their names. I NEVER KNEW! Also the hope of maybe seeing my boy is exciting. Not this time. Drat. But I saw his comp! We pray for you and appreciate your service.

Judy said...
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Cameron Family said...

I can't imagine trying to feed that many people! I have a hard time just feeding our family in Bainbridge. They are very lucky to have you! Thanks for the blog. Love you.

brianne said...

Haha, I can totally hear dad say that.

Megan said...

It really sounds like you are getting the hang of this and doing such a wonderful job!! I love learning more about your days and I'm just so proud of all the service your giving! We love you!!

Barbara said...

Sister Ogden, thank you for your work on this blog. It gives me a better idea of what is going on in the mission field. I found this blog this evening and have thoroughly enjoyed looking through the pictures for our son Elder Smith( Kenny). Thank you for efforts to feed the large group you have. I KNOW how much a 6'4" athlete can eat. We are going through less than 1/2 the amount of food since he's been gone. I've had an amazing learning curve since he's serving the Lord. Thank you for all you are doing he loves you and President Ogden! The pictures are great! I don't think mailing pictures home is on our sons priority list. That's o.k. he's got better things to be doing.