Friday, August 28, 2009


Last week, from Wednesday til Saturday, we had the privilege of meeting in Preston, England, with our Area well as Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Ronald Rasband. It was a Mission President Conference for all of the Mission Presidents in the Europe Area Missions. The days were full. We were instructed in many aspects of our callings. I think all of the wives particularly enjoyed the session the Area Presidency's wives, along with Sister Rasband and Sister Perry, presented to us. Many questions were answered, many ideas shared, and our spirits were buoyed up. We also spent one afternoon doing a walking tour of Church historical sites in Preston, and took the bus to the charming village of Downham...preserved to look nearly as it did in 1838 when Heber C. Kimball taught the Gospel to the people living there. The next morning we were able to go to the Preston Temple. For those of us who don't have a Temple in the boundaries of our Missions, this was a real treat....especially being in a session with an Apostle.

Pres. Clark Hinckley, Mission President of the Spain Barcelona Mission, shared an experience of his father's, outside the flat his father lived in when he served his mission in England.

On the streets of Preston, we ran into one of the missionaries who will be coming to our mission next week from the Preston MTC.

The River Ribble in of many early baptisms.

The bus in front of us....taking us through the narrow lanes to the village of Downham.


The Preston Temple

We are so blessed to be in this beautiful country, engaged in this wonderful work.


Megan said...

What a great post. I wish I would have asked more about this when we skyped this week, it really does sound like an incredible experience. Pres. Clark Hinckley looks so much like his dad.

brianne said...

Wow, that is amazing. A temple session with an fantastic!

Cameron Family said...

You are so lucky to be there! And they are lucky to have you. I'm so glad (and a little jealous) that you are having these amazing experiences. Thanks for sharing them with us!

jan said...

Judy, this is amazing! I'm so happy and excited for you! Your blog is wonderful. Thanks for sharing and especially for being such a great example!

esplinlin said...

I have wondered how you two are doing, and was pleasantly surprised to find your blog. Your missionaries look wholesome and happy, and I'm sure they love you both. Could Heavenly Father have sent you to a more beautiful place?

Eric arrived in Honduras last week. He sounds excited to finally be in the mission field. He feels the spirit of the work.

Thanks for keeping up the blog.
Linda Esplin