Wednesday, December 14, 2011

        We had an exciting month!

We enjoyed visits from the Llewellyn's,
the Bairds, and their traveling companions, the Johnsons.

A few weeks after that,
Chris Hodgson and Loann Leonard
came and spent a week with us.

Its wonderful to get caught up with our dear friends, and to be able to show
them a little of Mission life...and this beautiful country.

We only had two missionaries going home in December...Elder Bray from England, and Elder Krywult
from Austria.  Both sets of parents came to pick up their was so nice to meet them.
We'll miss these Elders!

Sister Medvescek from Slovenia
and Elder Ferrall from Denmark...

Excitement at the Rameumptom

 SPECIAL VISITORS...our Area Seventy

Excited Elders and Sisters at the conference in Cardiff...
Elder and Sister Donaldson with our Assistants and Zone Leaders...

It was wonderful to have them with us!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 Its hard to believe that these missionaries have finished their missions and are headed home.  I feel like they just got here.  An unusual transfer, with more Sisters leaving than Elders.  Elder Benthin (Denmark), Elder O'Brien (England), Elder Cadwallader (California), Sister Clark (California), Sister Pope (Utah), Sister Babbage (Zimbabwe and England), Sister McKelvie (England).  A very powerful group...we'll miss them!

 We welcomed our new missionaries on the 'Rameumptom'....
including two new couples...the Lathams (Utah), and the Fannings (Idaho).

 Sister Louis from India (right) with her trainer, Sister Whitaker (Nevada)...
 Elder Pauley (Germany) with his trainer, Elder Grappi (Switzerland)...
 Sister Carson (Utah) on the right, with her trainer, Sister Stucki (California)...
 Sister Shorters (England) on the right with her trainer, Sister Baker (Washington).... 

 Elder Von Brughan (South Africa) with his "International tripanionship"...Elder Hudec (Czech Republic) and Elder Anim (France).  I think they speak about 7 languages between the 3 of them.
 A group of missionaries who came in together a few transfers ago...Elder Barton, Elder Edwards, Elder Brewer, Elder Rainey, and Elder Harper.
Me with my girls who are headed home....all amazing women!
 Elder MacArthur (Houston)...called as a Chinese speaking missionary.
 Elder Pauley (Germany)...we've sent home all of our German missionaries except one, so we were glad to have Elder Pauley come to us.
 Sister Louis...our first missionary from India.
Sister Shorters...she's our first missionary from Dorset, England!

Sister Carson...Lindon, Utah

Our new greenies...we're so happy to have them here.  They're all off to a wonderful start!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This was a very busy and exciting month.  We attended our third and last Mission President's Seminar.  This year it was in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Neither of us had ever been there before, and enjoyed an opportunity to see this beautiful city.  Most of all, we enjoyed being instructed by our Area Presidency, as well as  Elder David A. Bednar and his sweet wife.  What a special experience!  A few days after the Seminar, the Bednars, along with Elder Kopischke and Elder Donaldson and their wives, came to speak to our Missionaries, as well as the members in our Mission.

These are pictures I took in Copenhagen.  The one above was taken from a boat while we were on a cruise around the harbor.  The one below was taken from the window of a restaurant we ate in one night. 

Elder Griffith from Utah, and  Elder Hudec from the Czech Republic arrived from the Provo MTC just in time for Elder Bednar's visit to Birmingham.  Elder Hudec was in Provo learning English, and Elder Griffith was learning Chinese....we have a new Chinese speaker in our Mission!  We're so excited, especially since Elders Guo, Leung, Wang, and Luu have left!

 We were fortunate to receive a new couple to serve as missionaries in the EBM...the Pinkerton's from Oregon.  They are serving in Stroud.  We know they'll be a great blessing to our mission!
Time to say goodbye to one of our two Finnish missionary...Elder Andersson...

...and our little girl from Sri Lanka with the big heart...and a big name,
Sister Kottambagahagedara

Elder Morgan from Utah also came to us in August as a Chinese speaker.  He was trained by Elder Luu.

....we sent home four of our leaders in the mission.  They will be missed!
Elder Magpantay (Germany)...our A.P., Elder Cyron (Germany...known as 'the machine'), Elder Duke (Arkansas), and Elder Luu (Washington).  What an amazing group of Elders!
The missionaries love seeing each other at  transfers...Elder Clarke-Wills, Magpantay, Setu, Steed, Mathews, and Fairbourne.

AND....last but not least...our GREENIES.  Elder Anim (France), Elder Diloyan (Armenia), Elder Rowe (Utah), Elder Kerr (Utah), Elder Peck (Utah), Elder Destribois (France), Elder Patch (Utah), Elder Tapia (Colorado), Elder Clarke (from the Lichfield Stake in our mission...he's just here temporarily waiting for his Visa for Australia), Elder Quilter (North Wales), Sister Wheatley (Utah), and Sister Benson (New Mexico).

We're thrilled to have them.....and already seeing great things from them.  Its exciting!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Our wonderful missionaries who went home this month:  Left to right (after Pres. Ogden):  Elder Schmidt (Germany), Elder Pedersen (St.George, Utah), Elder Stein (Germany), Elder Wangsgard (Ogden, Utah), Elder Anderson (Grace, Idaho), Elder Breuer (Germany), Elder Mower (West Jordan, Utah), Elder Brokatzky ( Germany), Elder Marks (Texas), Elder Shrubb (England), Sis. Nadsady (Scotland).

Gathering in the office their last day here.  AP Magpantay, Sister Nadsady, Elder Breuer. 
 At the Mission Home for the departing testimony fireside...

A dozen out...a dozen in...."Greenie Power"
Elder Lee (Singapore), Elder Harper (West Jordan, UT.), Elder Barton (Modesto, CA.), Elder Choi (S.L.C. and Korea), Elder Bell (Holladay, Utah), Elder Greene (Orlando, FL.), Elder Edwards (West Jordan, UT.), Elder Rainey (Knoxville, TN.), Elder Frary (Virginia and Germany), Elder Brewer (Springville, UT.), Elder Muir (Pleasant Grove, UT.), Sister Brooks (Lancashire, England)

On the Rameumptom...

Elder Cadwallader (2nd from right) trained Elder Jaquish (far right) and Elder Siegel (tall guy).
Elder Siegel is now training Elder Harper, so Elder Harper is Elder Cadwallader's grandson, and Elder Jaquish's nephew....get it????

I took this shot of Elder Howe and Elder Beus...Elder Howe asked me to put it on the blog, and since he's my 'home boy', how could I say no??!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


FINALLY...the long awaited time for our Church History Zone Conferences arrived...

The missionaries of the Cardiff/Merthyr Zone, Cheltenham Zone, and Lichfield Zone...

The Missionaries of the Nottingham/Leicester Zone, and the Birmingham/Coventry Zone...

 The wonderful, dedicated and beautiful Sister missionaries of the EBM...
(I don't know if Elders Setu and Tonga are trying to get in the picture...or out!)

And our Senior couples...such a vital and important part of our mission!
 The Tufts

 The Skiles and the Henry's

 The Johnson's

 Our four tallest missionaries...I think they are all above 6'7"...
(We had to put Elder Guo in the picture to give it some perspective.)

 Besides Gadfield Elm, we climbed the mountain at British Camp...the Elders made sure Sister Mee didn't get to hang out at the bottom!

President Ogden was quite in demand for pictures as we visited Benbow Farm and Pond. he is with Sister Kottambagahagadera and Sister Rose. 
It was a very exciting day!!!