Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This was a very busy and exciting month.  We attended our third and last Mission President's Seminar.  This year it was in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Neither of us had ever been there before, and enjoyed an opportunity to see this beautiful city.  Most of all, we enjoyed being instructed by our Area Presidency, as well as  Elder David A. Bednar and his sweet wife.  What a special experience!  A few days after the Seminar, the Bednars, along with Elder Kopischke and Elder Donaldson and their wives, came to speak to our Missionaries, as well as the members in our Mission.

These are pictures I took in Copenhagen.  The one above was taken from a boat while we were on a cruise around the harbor.  The one below was taken from the window of a restaurant we ate in one night. 

Elder Griffith from Utah, and  Elder Hudec from the Czech Republic arrived from the Provo MTC just in time for Elder Bednar's visit to Birmingham.  Elder Hudec was in Provo learning English, and Elder Griffith was learning Chinese....we have a new Chinese speaker in our Mission!  We're so excited, especially since Elders Guo, Leung, Wang, and Luu have left!

 We were fortunate to receive a new couple to serve as missionaries in the EBM...the Pinkerton's from Oregon.  They are serving in Stroud.  We know they'll be a great blessing to our mission!
Time to say goodbye to one of our two Finnish missionary...Elder Andersson...

...and our little girl from Sri Lanka with the big heart...and a big name,
Sister Kottambagahagedara

Elder Morgan from Utah also came to us in August as a Chinese speaker.  He was trained by Elder Luu.

....we sent home four of our leaders in the mission.  They will be missed!
Elder Magpantay (Germany)...our A.P., Elder Cyron (Germany...known as 'the machine'), Elder Duke (Arkansas), and Elder Luu (Washington).  What an amazing group of Elders!
The missionaries love seeing each other at  transfers...Elder Clarke-Wills, Magpantay, Setu, Steed, Mathews, and Fairbourne.

AND....last but not least...our GREENIES.  Elder Anim (France), Elder Diloyan (Armenia), Elder Rowe (Utah), Elder Kerr (Utah), Elder Peck (Utah), Elder Destribois (France), Elder Patch (Utah), Elder Tapia (Colorado), Elder Clarke (from the Lichfield Stake in our mission...he's just here temporarily waiting for his Visa for Australia), Elder Quilter (North Wales), Sister Wheatley (Utah), and Sister Benson (New Mexico).

We're thrilled to have them.....and already seeing great things from them.  Its exciting!!!!