Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The past two days have been transfer days. Twelve of our missionaries have completed their service and left for home this morning. Most of them come from the States...primarily Utah...but all are going home with an English accent. (Elder McCrudden might not have an English accent, but he's from Ireland, so I really can't differentiate yet!) They've all served well and faithfully, and are taking home a great treasure...a firm testimony in the gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of prayer, the gift of the Spirit, and the joy of service. They will be deeply missed in the EBM...we wish them continued success and joy in all of their endeavors. We only knew them a few weeks, but we love them already.

This morning, we received six new missionaries from the Preston MTC...five Elders and one Sister. They come from Texas, Wyoming, Utah, England, and the Netherlands. All of the missionaries...including us...were so excited to meet them.

The mission tradition is to have all of the 'greenies' stand on a wall and tell who they are, where they're from, and what part of the mission they'll be serving in. This is followed by a very loud welcome from one and all.

Assistant Bearnson is going back into the field so he can 'get wet' again....he loves teaching the Gospel. We'll miss him in the office...he's an incredible force of energy. We're very happy to have Elder McOmber as our new Assistant. He's jumped right in ready to go, and brings a wonderful spirit with him.President Ogden with Elder Brower and Elder Bearnson.

He's off to baptize the world!!!

(I don't have a picture of Elder McOmber yet...but I will soon!!!)

Transfer days are was so wonderful to see the love between the missionaries. We know that wherever they serve, they'll be doing it with diligence and enthusiasm. We wish all of our greenies good luck...we'll be praying for you!


Megan said...

What a fun post!! You did a great job in making us feel like we were right there. (I wish I was!!!) You both look so happy and you can just feel all the energy of the missionaries.

Why do I cry every time I read these!! I am really really grateful, it's amazing to get to feel just a small part of this experience.

Brett said...

Great post Mom... keep 'em coming.

brianne said...

They're just babies! I remember when I used to think boys were SO old when they went on missions, and now I look at them and I can't understand it...they are so young!

love you!

Ruelinda said...

Your Not Kidding When you say Elder Bearnson is off to Baptize the World! I've never sensed more joy in an email! He is so happy to be in the field after almost 8 months in the office. He loves the two of you....but he wants to baptize again more than anything. You'll have to read the letter he wrote we posted it on his blog...he is in heaven! Thanks We LOVE YOU! By the Way Sister Ogden You Look Great, The Mission Life must Be treating you Good!

Annette said...

Wow! What a happy looking crew of missionaries. Thanks to both of you for just jumping in and lving our sons and daughters!
Annette Israelsen
mm Elder Jason Israelsen-in Rugby

Christine said...

This blog is an answer to a mission mom's prayers! How neat to get details of the mission that our busy missionaries don't have time to write to us about.


It's great to meet you and your family this way as well. God bless!

MM to Elder Worthington-Orem
Servingin Evington with Elder Olson
Just sent home Elder Creamer

Larsen said...

Sister Ogden,

Thank you for taking the time to let us know of the EBM news! It is so great to get your perspective and to learn of the details that a missionary might not think to tell! One can feel your enthusiasm and love for your missionaries. I know they love you too, especially one - he told us in a letter that he LOVES his mission president and wife. Thank you for the extra warm (or should I say "hot", since the temp is 115 degrees in Phoenix today!!) greeting for Elder Larsen. Best wishes. We will keep you and your family in our prayers. Thank you for sacrificing your family for one of ours.

Becky Larsen
mm to Elder Larsen serving in Forest of Dean with Elder Walker