Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 Its hard to believe that these missionaries have finished their missions and are headed home.  I feel like they just got here.  An unusual transfer, with more Sisters leaving than Elders.  Elder Benthin (Denmark), Elder O'Brien (England), Elder Cadwallader (California), Sister Clark (California), Sister Pope (Utah), Sister Babbage (Zimbabwe and England), Sister McKelvie (England).  A very powerful group...we'll miss them!

 We welcomed our new missionaries on the 'Rameumptom'....
including two new couples...the Lathams (Utah), and the Fannings (Idaho).

 Sister Louis from India (right) with her trainer, Sister Whitaker (Nevada)...
 Elder Pauley (Germany) with his trainer, Elder Grappi (Switzerland)...
 Sister Carson (Utah) on the right, with her trainer, Sister Stucki (California)...
 Sister Shorters (England) on the right with her trainer, Sister Baker (Washington).... 

 Elder Von Brughan (South Africa) with his "International tripanionship"...Elder Hudec (Czech Republic) and Elder Anim (France).  I think they speak about 7 languages between the 3 of them.
 A group of missionaries who came in together a few transfers ago...Elder Barton, Elder Edwards, Elder Brewer, Elder Rainey, and Elder Harper.
Me with my girls who are headed home....all amazing women!
 Elder MacArthur (Houston)...called as a Chinese speaking missionary.
 Elder Pauley (Germany)...we've sent home all of our German missionaries except one, so we were glad to have Elder Pauley come to us.
 Sister Louis...our first missionary from India.
Sister Shorters...she's our first missionary from Dorset, England!

Sister Carson...Lindon, Utah

Our new greenies...we're so happy to have them here.  They're all off to a wonderful start!!!!!!