Friday, November 20, 2009


This past week, we had our semi-annual football/soccer games.

Our five northern zones played in Leamington Spa, and our three southern zones played in Cardiff---in the shadow of the Cardiff Castle. Since we were in Wales the day before doing interviews, we stayed there and watched the Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil and Cheltenham Zones play each other. We've decided that next time, we'll do them on different days, so we can see all of the teams (Zones) play. It was a lot of fun...but it was so cold, I felt like a block of ice by the time it was over.



(The loser from the previous tournament wears pink!)

MERTHYR TYDFIL (The Victor!!!)

The Sisters of Cheltenham, Cardiff, and Merthyr Tydfil

In the North end of the mission, the following teams competed:




(Leicester won the 'fashion award'!)

Sadly, no one took a picture of the Coventry or Lichfield Zones all together...and Lichfield was the WINNER!!!
We heard that Elder Pearce (in the tutu) was a big part of the reason that Lichfield won the tournament in the North...apparently they lost last year!

A few pictures of the Coventry players...

This is such a funny picture, because it looks like an Elder has his arm around Sister King. But if you look closely, you can see Sister McGarvey between she and the Elder...Sis. McGarvey has the plain grey hat...the Elder next to her has a patterned hat.

I spent the whole day trying to keep warm!!!

It was a fun day...the missionaries loved a chance to compete in a totally non-competetive way!

(We're not supposed to be competetive in the Mission!!!)

P.S. Elder Wilkins mom emailed me this picture of the WINNING TEAM--Lichfield Zone!!!