Friday, March 26, 2010


Each transfer passes by with lightening speed now. We've said goodbye to some really wonderful missionaries...WE MISS THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!!

Elder Hallows (our AP---from Bountiful, Utah),
Elder Walker (Leeds, England), Elder Weeks (Roy, Utah),
Elder Patterson (Ogden, Utah), Elder Wright (Howell, Utah),
Elder Leber (Glendale, Arizona!), Elder Callister (La Quinta, California),
Sister Kochet (Ukraine), and Elder and Sister Cable (Bountiful, Utah)

(I told Elder Leber...whose home is very close to where my daughters live... that if he ever sees two beautiful young moms at Arrowhead Mall, with 8 of the cutest kids he's ever seen, to go say hello to them for us!!!)

We'll sure miss the Cables. They were CES missionaries down in Cardiff, Wales. They helped us with flat checks, and were so kind and nurturing to our missionaries in that area.


Elder Dudley (Calgary, Canada), Elder Balla (Harrogate, England),
Elder Clarke-Wills (London, England), Elder Davis (Calgary, Canada),
Elder Grappi (Bern, Switzerland), and Sister Nadsady (Scotland)

We also welcomed Elder Blackwood into the office as our new Assistant.

(Elder Wark from Scotland, and Elder Blackwood from Reading, Engand... the Assistants to the President.)

You might have noticed that none of those new missionaries were from the USA. However, Elder Bussell from Maine came from the Provo MTC about a week later. He had been held up by his Visa.

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Cameron Family said...

They are so cute! And so young...makes me feel old.