Wednesday, April 7, 2010



We had our own version of March Madness in the EBM. At Interviews, the AP's tried to stir up competition between the districts...

They whispered to the opposing district leaders things such as "Elder Olsen said you couldn't give away a Book of Mormon if it had twenty quid strapped to it"...or "Elder Spence said you couldn't stop 90 year old lady on crutches!"
"I don't know...that's just what I heard!"


Here are the missionaries who left us last week...

Elder Brandenberg (The Netherlands), Elder Burri (Switzerland), Elder D'Ottavio (Italy), Elder Wark (Scotland), Elder Koyle (Idaho), Elder Nimer (Utah), Elder Rudd (Utah), Elder Grover (Washington), Sister King (Utah), Sister Zechmann (Austria)

Elder Wark passes the keys of the Assistants to Elder Blackwood.

Elder Langner (below) was part of this group, but had to leave a week earlier to get home for his brother's wedding.

Our brand new Elders and Sister...the biggest group we've ever had come in!!!

Front row: Elder Price (England), Elder Salmans (Utah), Elder Durfee (Oregon), Sister Kottambagahagedara (Sri Lanka), Elder Stoddard (Idaho), Elder Steed (Utah), Elder Hinkle (Arizona), Elder Howe (Arizona), Elder Cauffman (Wyoming)

Back row: Elder Knecht (Utah), Elder Lindstrom (Utah), Elder Ercanbrack (Utah), Elder Beus (Utah), Elder Brewer (New Mexico) , Elder Habicht (Germany), Elder Mathews (Arizona), Elder Haider (Utah), Elder Prestwich (Oregon).

(Hope I got them right...its hard to see those faces!!!)

Being introduced to everyone.

Elder Hill trying to find a buyer for his bike.

Another special event this month was having Todd's family come for a visit. This picture of them was taken from on top the Cardiff Castle.
I was especially happy to have them here on the morning of transfers. Todd made pancakes for all the the greenies. Everyone agreed, they were the best pancakes ever. Max and Cassidy are really growing up. Since we missed their 12th birthday in February, and Max's ordination to the Priesthood, he and Chuck passed the sacrament together in our Wylde Green Ward on Sunday.


brianne said...

Whoa that is a lot of new missionaries!! You'll need to explain this march madness thing a little more to me. I don't even know how it works in the real world.

I see Max adopted the British style rather quickly!! That is so wonderful that him and dad were able to pass the sacrament together. Such a cool experience!

Cameron Family said...

That is a huge group! I love seeing them up on that wall, so excited and ready to work.

I can't wait for our turn to be there. I'm sure it was so fun to have Todd, Teri and the kids!

Cameron Family said...

PS So glad you're up and blogging again! Keep 'em comin!

Megan said...

Madness!! That does look like a very crazy March! How fun for TnT to be there for transfers, especially with all those newbies!!

Miss you! So happy you figured out your blogging problem!

P.S. March Madness brought us $50! Woohoo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. Us missionary mom's are just scrambling for any news/pics of our sons. I would love a copy of the 18 new elders if you'd be willing to send it to me. Thanks for your service to the Lord and our sons! Sister Haider at

elnaclark said...

I am about to be a parent of one of your missiaries. We are excited for her upcoming adventure with you in England.
Elna Clark

Brett said...

Wow... no kidding... that is a huge group of missionaries.

I hope we can time our trip to experience transfers.

And I'll second Megan's comment... glad to see you blogging again Mom.

Jase said...

Hey, I was a missionary in the EBM from 2004-2006. While serving in the Wylde Green ward we baptized Mary Delaney, she is about 70 years old. I have lost contact with her and was wondering if you could get any info. (phone, address, etc.) from the Bishop. I know there was an African member named Fredrick who would know who she is. Thanks for any help!

Jase Allen