Saturday, January 23, 2010



Elder McOmber turns over the 'Keys of the Assistants' to Elder Hallows in preparation for his departure.

The ones we lost...Elder Peteru (Australia), Elder Briggs (Utah), Elder Carroll (Wisconsin/Arizona), Elder Israelson (Utah), Elder McOmber (Idaho), Elder Gee (England.

Each of them made a wonderful contribution to this mission...we're so thankful to have known them. We're excited to see what great things they'll accomplish as they move ahead.

The weather here was so bad, their flight was delayed a day.

In January, we were pleased to welcome back Elder Wangsgard who had been home for a while for medical reasons. We're so happy they sent him back to EBM...he had a reputation as a great missionary.

Zone Conference

This past week, we've had our first Zone Conferences for 2010. The leadership of the Mission shared a vision for the coming year of maintaining the high rate of baptisms we've had (720 in 2009), but improving on keeping them as active members of the Church. This will take a lot of diligence and hard work...we have about 25% fewer missionaries now than were in the mission at the beginning of 2009. But we know they can do it. It is wonderful to work with such choice young men and women.

Elder Callister and Elder Zito training the Lichfield Zone.

Elder D'Ottavio and Elder Richter doing training with the Cardiff Zone.

Elders Blackwood and Westwood of the Coventry Zone...

Elder Stevenson and Jette had a unique approach in teaching their Zone. Elder Olson and Elder Duke have 'angels around them'. (Elder Stevenson remarked, "You should have seen the strange looks we got in 'Claire's' yesterday!")

President does a role play with Sister Kawakami and Sister Kochet.

Zone Leaders of Leicester...Elder Davidson and Elder Perry (far right) with Elders Atchley and Haslem.

Shortly after Zone Conferences, we welcomed two new missionaries. They are Elder Bray from England, and Elder Krywult from Austria.


For the past few weeks, we've been visiting the eight zones so that President Ogden could conduct interviews. Elder Hallows and Elder Wark (our new Assistant) used a wonderful object lesson in showing the importance of making the first time at church a positive experience for our investigators. They gave each companionship an egg (which represented someone they had invited to church), and asked how the visitors might enjoy it if they were just 'dropped in'. (They demonstrated this by dropping an egg into a trash can which represented the church.) Then they gave the missionaries a few supplies consisting of small amounts of paper, plastic cups, and tape (these things represented a ride, someone to greet them and sit with them, an introduction to the Bishop, etc)....and let them see if their visitor was 'cushioned' enough to enjoy the experience! Creative ideas were flowing...

Unfortunately, so were alot of egg yolks!!!


brianne said...

Look at that sword! That turning over of the keys is quite dangerous isn't it?

It looks like a party with those eggs. And I am so impressed that those missionaries went into Claire's and bought those angel halos.

Cameron Family said...

CUTE! Love the egg object lesson. I'm gonna try to use that sometime. Your missionaries are so cute!

Megan said...

Look at all that snow!! Freezing!

It's just the best getting to read about what happens in a mission and to see all the missionaries! They are very creative. It's hard to believe they are just 19 and 20 etc... It's really unbelievable.

P.s... they have Claire's there??

Keep Posting!! We love it!

Megan said...


That was a great last line!

John and Jacy said...

Claire's, as in the store Jasmyn drags me into everytime we get within 100 yards!!! Oh that would have been a sight to see 2 missionaries in there. Funny!

Great post. I love the object lesson too.