Thursday, June 24, 2010


For our interview meetings this transfer,
Elder Jette and Elder Stevenson demonstrated for the missionaries the GOOD (and not so good!), the BETTER, and the BEST way to conduct
themselves at dinner appointments.

They are always interesting, informative...and amusing!

The Elders in the Nottingham 
Zone wanted pictures of their 
Districts.  All cameras were 
set on auto, and ready to 
The picture to the left is the Derby District, and the one below is the Lincoln District... 
These Elders are not only diligent and hard working... but they're a lot of fun as well! 

On June 16th we had Transfers.  We said goodbye to 9 Elders, and 2 Sisters.  We had a wonderful meeting with them their last night here.  Heard beautiful testimonies, and regretfully said goodbye. What a great group!!!
Elder Hickman (Arizona), Elder McKay (Utah), Elder Hutchinson (Idaho), Elder Olsen (Utah), Elder Newbury (Utah), Elder Wood (Utah), Elder Atchley (Iowa), Elder Mackay (Utah), Elder Pearce (UK), Sister Kawakami (Utah), Sister Costagliola (Italy).

This time of year (summer), we
seem to get large groups in...and they're mainly from the U.S.  I guess that has to do with the University schedule in the States. 
Elder Jenkins (Idaho), Elder Lowry (Canada), Elder Baxter (Louisiana), Elder Christiansen (Utah), Elder Walton (California), Elder Clark (Idaho), Elder Garroway (Scotland), Elder Tonga (New Zealand), Elder Pavan (Canada), Elder Von Brughan (South Africa), Elder Morrissey (Idaho), Elder Hanks (Utah), Elder Siegel (Utah), Elder Wright (Arizona), and Elder Yaskell (Alaska).
We've already seen great things from these Elders!!!


Brett said...

Thanks for the update Mom!

Todd said...

Yup... awesome. By the way, dad looks short.

Judy said...

Well, he's standing a little forward. and on the grass, but we do have Elders that are 6'4", and
6'7" this time. Its funny when someone over 6 feet looks short, huh?

Megan said...

Oh heavens, dinner appointments. I am convinced every missionary (except of course the EBM missionaries) needs a good lesson on this! I can only imagine how amusing that must have been!

I love these updates. I'm sure it's getting harder and harder to say goodbye to these missionaries the longer you are with them.

Judy said...

The lesson on dinner appointments probably wasn't what you're was to teach them to use their appointments as a time to involve members in the work, teach them from PMG, and invite them to go out with you and to provide you with referrels. But you're right...the EBM missionaries don't need any help with etiquette! (I hope!)

Cameron Family said...

Can I send Dave to one of these dinner etiquette meetings?