Sunday, May 23, 2010


Due toVisas expiring early, and volcanos spewing forth...our transfer schedule was quite complicated this past month.

Elder Patterson (from Vancouver Island) had to leave a week ahead of his group.  Once in a while, we have a situation where a Visa expires a little too

We enjoyed spending an evening with him before he left...a wonderful young man!

The following week, the rest of the group got ready
for their departure.  We had our traditional dinner
in the Mission Home, followed by a wonderful
Fireside Testimony Meeting.   
This is the largest group we've ever had leave at the same time.  The first row:  Elder Covington (Orem, Utah), Elder Wright (Boise, Idaho), Elder Williams (Las Vegas, Nevada), Sister Martinec (Las Vegas, Nevada), Sister Winn (Ephraim, Utah), Elder Largesse (Las Vegas, Nevada), Elder Jagoda (Oroville, Calif.), Elder Busch (Peoria, Arizona), Elder Anderson (Tulsa, Oklahoma)  Second Row:  Elder Jameson (Payson, Utah), Elder Haslem (Neola, Utah), Elder White (Logan, Utah), Elder Blackwood (Reading, England), Elder Hill (Idaho Falls, Idaho), Elder Chamberlain (Lehi, Utah), Elder Spence (Oak City, Utah), Elder Ott (West Valley City, Utah), Elder Wilkins (Colorado and Utah), Elder Brooksby (Glenville, N.Y.)  What a wonderful group!  As you can imagine, losing so many missionaries at one time caused a huge change in our mission.  We miss them, but we're excited for all of the wonderful experiences they have in store for them 'as they move forward'.  (President Ogden's catch phrase!)

These are the three new missionaries who were able to get to the Preston MTC (and on to us) on schedule...Elder Mathie, Sister McKelvie, and Sister Babbage.  It was easy for the Sisters, since they are both from England.  Elder Mathie flew here all the way from New Zealand.  We still haven't figured out how he managed to get here on time amidst cancelled flights, and airports being shut down!  They were supposed to be part of a group of 13 new missionaries coming to our mission.

Elder Anderson, one of our departing missionaries, was actually supposed to leave in June.  He, too, had Visa issues.  He left sometime in the middle of all of this...I'm so confused now, I really can't remember exactly when...
The next week, we received the rest of the greenies (well almost...Sister Lauritzen injured her knee in the Provo MTC...hopefully, we'll see her next transfer!)  When these missionaries were unable to fly to the UK, they entered the MTC in Provo where they received their training.  But this set them back a week.

Sister Clark from California arrived first.  She had actually entered the MTC ahead of the rest, and was sent to work in Colorado Springs until her Visa came through.  She was there a whole week!  She was scheduled to arrive at the same time as the other eight, but unfortunately, their flight was delayed for several hours.
Finally, a group of travel weary Elders-and one Sister-arrived at the Birmingham Airport.
We were so happy to welcome them all to the England Birmingham Mission.
Elder Dahl (Gilbert, Az.-- nephew of our friends, John and Mylie Dahl), Elder Card (Lehi, Utah), Elder Reed (Clearfield, Utah), Elder Powell (Gunnison, Utah), Elder Leyba (Blackfoot, Idaho), Elder Brown (Alberta, Canada), Elder Ruesch (St. George, Utah), and Sister Pope (Logan, Utah).

So, now...all of our trainers have their babies.  Everyone is back to work, and our greenies have experienced their first Zone Conference. 


I don't know how long the Assistants will be able to keep coming up with new ways to immortalize the "passing of the keys"...every transfer they come up with something!
(Elder Blackwood and Elder Jette)


Wayne and Claudine Cable said...

I love that you do this. It is so good to be able to keep track a little bit on what is happening in the mission. You certainly have been busy! I send my love and best wishes. We had a "homecoming" and a "farewell" today in Sacrament Meeting and I cried all the way through it made me miss our missionaries so much. It's all over before you know it.

John and Jacy said...

mom- you are so stylin and cute, all the way from the hair down to the boots. And tell Dad I love his new glasses.
Great pictures. I agree with the Cables. I am so glad you are keeping the blog updated. It is our only real connection to these missionaries that we are loaning our parents to.
Love you

brianne said...

Those 'passing of the keys' pictures are so awesome. We need to do some cool wall collage with them when you come home.

Cameron Family said...

I love to see the pictures of all the new missionaries just arriving...they look so excited and ready to work. How fun to have the Dahl's nephew too.

Ditto what Jacy says, you always look stunning, mom! And dad couldn't look any happier. Well, except when he pulls up a basket full of crab!

Thanks for posting! Love you both.