Sunday, May 20, 2012


For us, this new transfer marks the 'beginning OF the end'...the end of our full time mission.  But all of us at the EBM know that wherever we go, there will always be ways to serve in our Heavenly Father's kingdom.

Below are the new missionaries who came into our mission this past week...

Left to Right:  Pres. Ogden, Elder Cagle (Utah), Elder Quakenbush (Utah), Elder Hyde (Idaho), Elder Shepherd (Idaho), Elder Rumpf (Germany and Alpine, Utah), Elder Bowers (Oregon), Elder Nelson (Utah), Elder Lowry (Mississippi), Elder Sedillo (Arizona), Elder L'Henaff (Canada), Elder Sloan (Arizona), Elder Wilson (Utah), Sister Ogden 

(Elder Walton jumped up at the end of the new group in hopes that he'd be mistaken for a 'greenie' and get to stay!

Time to say goodbye to this amazing group of missionaries!
Left to right:  President Ogden, Elder Christiansen (Utah), Elder Garroway (Scotland), Elder Clark (Idaho), Elder Wright (Arizona), Elder Von Brughan (South Africa), Elder Morrissey (Idaho), Elder Pavan (Canada), Elder Yaskell (Alaska), Elder Jenkins (Idaho), Elder Siegel (Utah), Elder Hanks (Utah), Elder Tonga (New Zealand), Elder Walton (California), Elder Baxter (Louisiana), Sister Whitaker (Nevada), Sister Ogden

Just gotta do that Haka pose one more time!

God be with you 'til we meet again...


Megan said...

I just can't believe it!! Can't believe we will have you home with us so soon... We are so excited but we know how hard it will be to leave this wonderful mission. Such great experiences you will always carry with you!

And so great to see Elder VB... what a miracle!

We're so proud of you and love you and all the EBM missionaries!!!

Sarah Durrant said...

Welcome back to the USA. My son, Elder Durrant, said he's going to miss you.