Friday, August 12, 2011


Our wonderful missionaries who went home this month:  Left to right (after Pres. Ogden):  Elder Schmidt (Germany), Elder Pedersen (St.George, Utah), Elder Stein (Germany), Elder Wangsgard (Ogden, Utah), Elder Anderson (Grace, Idaho), Elder Breuer (Germany), Elder Mower (West Jordan, Utah), Elder Brokatzky ( Germany), Elder Marks (Texas), Elder Shrubb (England), Sis. Nadsady (Scotland).

Gathering in the office their last day here.  AP Magpantay, Sister Nadsady, Elder Breuer. 
 At the Mission Home for the departing testimony fireside...

A dozen out...a dozen in...."Greenie Power"
Elder Lee (Singapore), Elder Harper (West Jordan, UT.), Elder Barton (Modesto, CA.), Elder Choi (S.L.C. and Korea), Elder Bell (Holladay, Utah), Elder Greene (Orlando, FL.), Elder Edwards (West Jordan, UT.), Elder Rainey (Knoxville, TN.), Elder Frary (Virginia and Germany), Elder Brewer (Springville, UT.), Elder Muir (Pleasant Grove, UT.), Sister Brooks (Lancashire, England)

On the Rameumptom...

Elder Cadwallader (2nd from right) trained Elder Jaquish (far right) and Elder Siegel (tall guy).
Elder Siegel is now training Elder Harper, so Elder Harper is Elder Cadwallader's grandson, and Elder Jaquish's nephew....get it????

I took this shot of Elder Howe and Elder Beus...Elder Howe asked me to put it on the blog, and since he's my 'home boy', how could I say no??!!!


Megan said...

Is Elder Siegel REALLY tall or are those guys REALLY short!? It's a great family portrait!

And tell us more about Elder Howe being your home boy!?

Sandra said...

My name is Sandra Muir, I am Elder Muir's mom. I just found your blog not long ago. I love it! It was so great to see the pictures of the day he arrive in the mission. Thanks for sharing the mission happenings. Our son is loving his mission and loves and thinks so highly of both of you.
Sandra Muir