Friday, November 12, 2010

The third week in October, we had our annual Mission Presidents Seminar in Dresden, Germany.  Because it ran from a Tuesday through Friday, and fell on our Transfer week, we received our new missionaries on Monday, Oct. 17th.  The previous evening, we had our three departing Elders for dinner and a testimony meeting. 

Elder Leeper went home to Basingstoke, England, Elder Clancy to Dundee, Scotland, and Elder Westwood was alone as he flew back to his home in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We really miss these three fine Elders.

On Monday, we were so happy to receive into our mission (L. to R.)  Elder Anderton from Norfolk, England, Elder Burgess from Utah, Sister Hedemark from Sweden, and Sister Rose from Iowa (and Utah),

In addition, a week before they came, we finally got Sis. Lauritzen here.  She was supposed to come in June, but injured her knee in the MTC.  She had surgery, and has been undergoing rehab.  We were so thrilled to get the call that she was finally able to come.  She comes from my home state of California.
(Sister Pope and Sister Lauritzen are reunited.  They were companions in the MTC.)

The new Elders and Sisters stand on the "Rameumptom" for a rousing welcome.  To the far left is Elder Holland.  He arrived in our mission between transfers.  I don't know where to say he is from...he's lived in 17 different places!
The next day, we were off to Germany.  We got a VERY early other words, had to get up in the middle of the night to get to the airport in time.  A pleasant flight, then we arrived in the beautiful and historic city of Dresden. 

We stayed in the lovely Steigenberger Hotel in the middle of a cobbled plaza.  We were surrounded by the history of the Reformation...including a statue of Martin Luther. 

Of course, we're never any farther from our missionaries than the telephone!  Our Assistants did a good job of diverting as many calls as they could, but I don't think Pres. Ogden would know what to do if he had a day without ANY calls!

We had a little time for sightseeing...fortunately there was much to see right around our hotel.
(Wouldn't you know I'd have a McDonald's cup in my hand...)

We were also able to go to the Freiberg Temple.  Since many of our missions don't have Temples within their boundaries, they always plan these seminars near a Temple, so we can at least go once a year.  There was a wonderful surprise for us when we arrived  at the Temple.  Our Elder Brokatzky's parents came to meet us and brought us a lovely gift...a traditional German Christmas decoration.

The best part of the Seminar was the wonderful instruction by our Area Presidency...Elder Kopischke, Elder Causse, Elder Texeira, and also Elder Kevin Pearson of the Seventy.  We were so inspired and much insight to share with our missionaries.  It was wonderful as well to spend time with the other mission presidents...especially the ones we came out with.

A busy---wonderful---week!


Claudine Cable said...

What a wonderful post. I love to hear news of the EBM mission and learn a bit about what is happening. I especially liked the pictures from Dresden. I'm sure it is so uplifting to be able to meet with the leaders of other missions and to hear from the Area Presidency. It can be so renewing. We send our best.

Brett said...

Very cool pics of Dresden.

You need to ask Elder Burgess if he is related to a Brian Burgess (also from Utah) who served in Argentina Buenos Aires North. Brian and I returned in '92 so still too young for your Elder Burgess to be Brian's son.

John and Jacy said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip and the buildings and scenery were amazing i'm sure!! It is so good to know you are able to grab a CAFFEINE FREE diet coke while you are out and about. A little piece of home for you. Those new sisters are so cute.

Cameron Family said...

Great post mom! Doesn't look like you're having any trouble blogging! I love seeing pictures of your missionaries but even more I love to see those of you and dad enjoying some free time. Can't wait to see you...11 days!!!