Sunday, August 29, 2010


On the 28th of July, twelve of our faithful Elders returned home...WITH HONOR!!!

Left to right:  Elder Bedford (Utah and Australia), Elder Hull (England), Elder Duckworth (Utah), Elder Hooper (Utah), Elder Heller (Germany), Elder Clawson (Utah), Elder Sasser (Kentucky), Elder Kennett (Canada), Elder Davidson (Utah), Elder Perry (Utah), Elder Richter (Germany), Elder Jette (Canada).

The "Passing of the Keys"....Assistant Jette to Assistant Stevenson

We love all of these Elders so much, and wish them well in all of their new adventures!!!  (At least one of them is already engaged....I'm not saying who!)

Just a few short hours later...we received this great group...
Front Row:  Elder McGregor (Utah), Elder Roberts (Utah), Elder Olsen (Washington), Elder Leavitt (Idaho), Elder Pulsipher (Utah), and Elder Sowell (Utah)
Back Row:  Elder Taylor (Utah), Elder Elgan (Utah), Elder Keddington (Utah), Elder Merrell (Pennsylvania),  Elder Zundel (Utah), Elder Mecham (Utah), Elder Hulet (Pennsylvania)

They all came ready and excited to go to work!!!  We're so happy to have them.

New Training Curriculum

We've received wonderful new training materials from SLC....helping us to refine our teaching, mainly by listening to the Spirit and by teaching people, not lessons.  The Elders who have received this training so far are very excited to implement it.  We did one session in Cardiff, and another in Sutton Coldfield.

Participants from northern half of mission...

Participants from southern half of mission...
We're so excited to see how these new methods bless our mission!


Megan said...

The top group there looks thrilled about the new training materials. :) I love that though... teaching people, not lessons. Awesome.

Judy said...

I think they loved the training...they just get sick of me taking pictures of them!

KH Love said...

Elder Love told us about this training he really enjoyed it. He is totally motivated by the new direction things are going at this point.
Love to see these up dates, thank you.

Cameron Family said...

Great update! You guys always look so cute with your groups of super proud new parents :)