Saturday, September 19, 2009


We had a fun week last week with some special visitors. Bree came to spend a month with us, and one of our Sister missionaries who went home to Sweden a few weeks ago, came back with her parents and sister to visit.

Our missionary is the 2nd from the left...her name is Hanna Blomberg. We enjoyed her parents and her sister, Emily, so much. Fun, delightful people.

Sis. Blomberg (Hanna), Bree, and Emily

Two missionaries who needed to go home mid-transfer to get into school also came to the Mission Home for a farewell dinner...Sister Mitte from Germany, and Elder Dal Pozzo from Italy. We loved having a little time with them before they left. They were both wonderful missionaries!


Cameron Family said...

How fun for that sister to be able to bring her family to the place she served. That would be so exciting!

Megan said...

How wonderful to be able to meet all these different people from across the world. I just think that is so neat.